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La Vie en Rose Drops CO2 Extracts Certified Organic

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La Vie en Rose Drops are a certified organic, cruelty-free supplement containing CO2 “Live” Extracts and Essential Oil from the Queen of Flowers, Rosa Damascena. Every bottle is loaded with the nutrients extracted from 40 fragrant Rose blossoms. CO2 Extraction allows for the full fragrance molecules to be captured, unlike traditional Rose Water, providing you with an authentic Rose taste. As you feast on the fragrance of nature, your natural capacity to resist everyday stress will be elevated, promoting better sleep, your skin hydration will improve and you will experience an overall feeling of wellbeing for your body, mind and soul. Simply add 15 drops of Rosa Damascena to a chilled glass of still or sparkling water and wait to be surprised. Yes! it promises to take you through a truly loved and nurtured Rose Garden in full bloom with every sip. For adventurers and serial Rose lovers, this is an experience not to be missed! For a continued euphoric experience and greater wellbeing, repeat up to 3 times daily. Why not bake some Rose Cupcakes or Shortbread, or add it to your natural Yoghurt, Ice-cream and Smoothies. The creative possibilities are endless!

CO2 Extracts and Essential Oil of Rosa Damascena in a 30ml glass bottle.

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