About Our Rose Products:

Since 2005, our supplier, Ecomaat Bulgaria, has been the market leader and producer of therapeutic quality, 100% pure, Certified Organic skin care and cosmetic products in Bulgaria. They lead the market in state-of-the-art green extraction technology, producing unique products with “live” extracts which ensure quick action without side affects. Imbedded in their practices is the belief that bio-agriculture is an expression of respect to Nature and its power to preserve the integrity of our planet. The love and respect they have for Nature are key ingredients in their products, bringing a sense of unparalleled wellbeing and joy to your experience.

All of the products sold by “the Rose and I” are classed as “OTTO” or “ATTARS” of Essential Oils and Extracts. We do not sell Rose “Absolutes” which have been produced by solvent extraction and, therefore, are not bio-organic.



  • Ecomaat products contain NO chemical synthesised stabilisers, emulsifiers, solvents, preservatives, flavouring, colouring agents or UV filters.
  • They contain NO mineral oil, silicone or propylene glycol.
  • They contain NO additives from genetically modified organisms.
  • No ionising treatment is employed for their processing.
  • The packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.



  1. They are based on fragrances derived from plants cultivated in harmony with their natural dynamics, without any artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Plants other than the Rose used, are from wild-growing plants, collected from clean natural areas. They extract them into concentrated forms using ‘green’ traditional Bulgarian and modern technologies.
  2. Their fragrance is not only pleasant, but is an active cosmetic substance. Its molecules impact the skin both on the surface and in depth, causing it to independently produce the necessary substances, renew itself and improve its protective properties.
  3. Their ingredients - rejuvenating Extracts and Essential oils from Bulgarian medicinal plants, nourishing plant oils and waxes - are completely natural compounds.
  4. Their strictly controlled production incorporates a number of methods, allowing them to formulate stable and active blends. In the course of storage it is possible that their uniformity may be reduced, but that has absolutely no impact on their effectiveness.
  5. As a “from field to final product” producer of cosmetics and nutritional supplements, they guarantee the quality of their active substances: the Essential oils, the Floral Waters and the unique CO2 Extracts. Any risk from counterfeiting or fakes is completely eliminated.
  6. Ecomaat products and production facilities support the health of the soil, plants, animals and man as a unified community.
  7. They are organic (bio) certified and that guarantees they contain only natural ingredients.

Disclaimer:  Please note that La Vie en Rose Capsules are not Certified Organic - there is an amount of beeswax within the ingredients and the material of the capsule itself are not Certified Organic.  La Vie en Rose Capsules can be classed as >85% Organic Certified Ingredients contained in La Vie en Rose Capsules.


Our Rose cosmetic and supplement range are manufactured in the gardens of Ecomaat, in a village called Mirkovo in Bulgaria, situated between the slopes of the Balkan Mountain and the Sredna Gora Mountain. With exceptionally favourable conditions - clear mountain streams, warm winters, high air humidity, especially in May and June, abundant dew and fertile fields, surrounded by cool forests, this is the perfect environment for producing the best Rose Oil in the world.



Bulgarians became acquainted with the oil-bearing Rose in the XVII-th Century, when the first crops were brought to their lands from Asia Minor. Its name, Rosa Damascena Miller, is related to the city of Damascus, in modern-day Syria.



Studies undertaken by Bulgarian scientists have demonstrated that the Bulgarian oil-bearing Rose is substantially different from the wild or semi-wild varieties of Rosa Damascena, characterised by curved stems, few thorns and small blossoms. After 300 years of selection, it has become the most sophisticated variety among all oil-bearing Rose species.

It is a perennial bush, reaching 2 metres in height, with a root system of up to 4-5 metres spreading down into the ground. Under the specific conditions in Bulgaria, it is characterised by a brief and unstable forced winter rest. The blossoms are Pink in colour, with a strong fragrance. They bloom out in sequence, in the order of their appearance. They are picked by hand in the early morning in order to preserve their energy and the freshness of their fragrance.



Approximately 1,500,000 Rose blossoms are necessary to make 1kg of Bulgarian Rose oil. Its production is simplistically called “distillation”, but it is a long process, perfected over decades by highly trained specialists in horticulture, chemistry, and analysis and assessment methods (on the organoleptic properties of the produce). The result of their work today is a symbol of their country - Bulgarian Rose oil.

The cutting-edge equipment in their distilleries, the meticulous quality control and the national know-how, make their Bulgarian Rose oil a global benchmark for excellence.