Our Story


“The human soul needs actual Beauty even more than Bread”, D.H. Lawrence 1885-1930

Although we may not give it much thought from day to day, we have been gifted with our senses to experience this magical life in all its glory……the first daisy popping up in Spring; the beauty and intoxication of a Rose in full bloom; moss clinging to the bark of a tree; water as it gushes, falls, flows, whirls and stands still reflecting its surroundings; a bird popping in to say hi; a caterpillar in chaos - dying to its unknown new beginning! Every moment is abundant with astonishing wonder; continuously happening, moving, changing, creating and transforming - and we are a part of this…what an absolute miracle!

The beauty and power of the Rose touched my life in a unique way 3 years ago during a very challenging time. As I immersed myself in her frequency, gazed at her, bathed with her and breathed the healing compounds of her fragrance, I began a journey of shedding a life built around fear. As I let go of trying to control my outer world and became present to my inner world, a new landscape emerged full of compassion, appreciation and a deep sense of wellbeing.

In my search for the best Rose products I could find, I came across the Certified Organic range produced by Ecomaat Bulgaria, artisans who deeply care about our environment. I was so smitten with them and adored the experience of not just being able to see, feel and smell the benefits of the Rose but also to taste her beauty too, with the La Vie en Rose Drops and Kombucha! The fact that they were not available in Australia, led me to creating “the Rose and I” business to share and distribute this unique experience alongside the numerous and exciting health and beauty benefits that the Rose offers us.

Being creatives at heart, “the Rose and I” range will expand to include Rose themed accessories for personal style, home and inspiration.

Passionate about contributing to the empowerment of women, our aim is to support you, our customers, beyond your shopping experience into your living experience through free resources such as meditations, podcasts and articles on our website and blog as well as through our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

In our desire to effect change on a larger scale, we support Women for Women International through a Fundraising Page on our website. With your support we can help them in their work to educate and empower women whose lives have been devastated by war, to re-build, stand up for their rights and flourish within their communities. Women for Women International also hold programs to educate men in their communities to stop abuse and support and stand up for the rights and equality of women, which we believe is an essential component of successful on-going change. If you are interested in supporting their mission, more information can be found under “How We Make A Difference”.

Whether you are looking for the best Rose beauty and wellbeing products in the world, gorgeous accessories, or a deeper experience of personal empowerment, we are thrilled you are here and look forward to serving and supporting you.