CO2 Critical Extraction - An Innovative Green Technology

The gift of this innovative technology is that the essential nature or essence of the Rose is captured and maintained in its absolute integrity, providing not only optimal health and beauty benefits, but a daily euphoric Rose experience to nurture your whole being. Now, that is a gift from heaven!

The term “supercritical extraction” means that the primary extraction process is operating at levels of pressure and temperature exceeding the critical parameters. As carbon dioxide passes through the fresh Rose, under high pressure and low heat, the CO2 process extracts bio-active complexes called “supercritical extracts”. Their analysis shows that the spectrum of bio-active substances and their concentration are dozens of times higher than the levels attained using traditional extraction methods.

100% pure, with no trace of organic solvents, heavy metals and pesticides, CO2 extracts have a unique profile. They contain terpenes, flavonoids, tocopherols, higher fatty acids and steroids which provide their anti-oxidative, hypo-allergic, immunity stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Add to this the fact that the Ecomaat family who create these products, highly respect and value the sustainability of our planet and, all-in-all, it adds up to pure love and optimal wellbeing for your body in every product!