Rose Essential Oil Certified Organic

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Our Certified Organic, cruelty-free (OTTO) therapeutic grade Bio-Rose Essential Oil is a concentrated elixir containing a high (10%) concentration of Rosa Damascena Essential Oil in Jojoba per 10ml glass vial. (Many essential oils contain 3%).

This is a wonderful skin maintenance aid. It stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues and has antiseptic and anti-infammatory properties. A single drop added to massage oil and onto your face or body imparts a sense of luxury and heals, restores, rejuvenates and hydrates in the most gentle manner. It softens rough skin, and promotes healing of acne and wound scars. It exhibits a beneficial influence on the nervous system, normalising the psycho-physiological functions of the body. It soothes, relieves fatigue, alleviates stress-related conditions such as depression and enhances self-esteem. Adding 2 or 3 drops to a diffuser provides hours of uplifting healing benefits, enhancing brain capacity and efficiency to gently support you through the day.

10% Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil, in a 10ml glass vial.

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